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fooddrinkdeli View Cart Check Out from our kitchengrab & godeli staples Please consider that all items From Our Kitchen will need to be ordered at least 24 hours in advance of desired delivery or collection. This is ensure sufficient time to prepare your order.
All Productslandoceansalads & sidesskyveggies Braised Short Ribs Minimum pre-order 1kg$56.00 / 330gAddButter Nut Squash / Grape Salad Minimum pre-order 500g$12.00 / 500gAddChicken Cashew Curry Minimum pre-order 500g$8.70 / 500gAddChicken FajitasMinimum pre-order 500g$11.70 / 500gAddChicken Sundried Tomato Pesto SaladMinimum pre-order 500g$7.80 / 500gAddChicken Thai Salad Minimum pre-order 500g$8.70 / 500gAddChicken Wings Minimum order 500g$10.80 / 500gAddCous Cous Mushroom Salad Minimum pre-order 500g$12.00 / 500gAddCrudité Platter Hummus Minimum pre-order 500g$9.80 / 500gAddGreek Moussaka Minimum pre-order 500g$12.10 / 500gAddGreek SaladMinimum pre-order 500g$6.10 / 500gAddGuacamole Minimum pre-order 500g$5.60 / 500gAddHerb Crusted Veal RackMinimum pre-order 1kg$155.00 / 1000gAddHerb Roasted Whole ChickenMinimum pre-order 1 unit$14.20 / unitAddHoisin 5 Spice Short RibsMinimum pre-order 1kg$120.00 / 1000gAddHoney Garlic Spare Ribs Minimum pre-order 1kg$30.50 / 1000gAddItalian Parsley & Garlic Melody Minimum pre-order 500g$7.80 / 500gAddJambalayaMinimum pre-order 500g$14.00 / 500gAddKale Caesar Salad Minimum pre-order 500g$12.60 / 500gAddMeat Balls Minimum pre-order 500g$11.50 / 500gAddMeat LasagnaMinimum pre-order 1 slice$9.00 / 400gAddPico De Gallo Minimum pre-order 500g$5.60 / 500gAddPoached Salmon Tzatziki Minimum pre-order 500g$24.00 / 500gAddPork ChopsMinimum pre-order 500g$15.60 / 500gAddPotato SaladMinimum pre-order 500g$8.70 / 500gAddPrawn Cocktail Minimum pre-order 500g$57.00 / 500gAddPrime Rib Minimum pre-order 1kg$121.00 / 1000gAddQuinoa Vegetable Pilaf Minimum pre-order 500g$7.80 / 500gAddRack Of Lamb Minimum pre-order 1kg$141.00 / 1000gAddRoasted Garlic Mash PotatoesMinimum pre-order 500g$9.20 / 500gAddSalmon Pasta Salad Minimum pre-order 500g$14.30 / 500gAddVegetable AntipastoMinimum pre-order 500g$8.70 / 500gAdd